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Issue date - 08 May 2013 - What is trenchless techology (moling)?


By digging two small pits approximately one metre deep and one metre square at the start and end positions of the water pipe replacement, we’re able to put our moling machinery to work – boring horizontally between the two pits. Using pneumatic power the moling head hammers its way through the soil to create a smooth bored tunnel that the water pipe replacement is pulled through.


As well as reducing the labour and equipment costs incurred in digging of trenches, by using moling for lead pipe replacement or new pipe-work we avoid the previously unavoidable disturbance of gardens, driveways and patios.


Moling has revolutionised the way we perform water pipe replacement, and the savings made are passed along to our clients, meaning there’s never been a better time to get lead pipe replacement to eliminate the potential long term health hazards, as well as see an increased flow and water pressure.


Our lead pipe replacement includes the stop tap at your property boundary up to the connection inside your house, giving you a single, seamless water pipe replacement that has superior integrity and flexibility, is less prone to splits and cracks and has none of the risks of lead based pipe work.


Trenchless water pipe replacement using our moling technique is faster, more efficient and certainly more cost-effective than traditional trenching methods, with no need for unsightly channels dug through your garden and driveway.


Reasons why you would need our Trenchless water mains replacement services (moling)

•mains water pressure has reduced over time due to corrosion of old pipe

•old exterior water pipe has sprung a leak under ground due to corrosion

•new unvented system being fitted and you need water mains pipe upgrade for sufficient pressure (3bar)

•new drive way has been layed and new water main pipe need to be installed without disturbing new drive way


Our Trenchless water main replacement (moling) service means that we can install new water main pipe under ground without damaging surface above ground and since new pipe is plastic pipe it can't corrode which means you will only have to do this once for the life of the property and once is done you will benefit from much better pressure in the property.


Prices start from £550 dependant on difficulty and distance of run of pipe.


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